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Today personal brand is a volumetric image of a person in social media, consisting of appearance and self-presentation, the broadcasting of certain values through words and actions

This image helps to establish a certain perception by the target audience and can directly affect your success in professional activities and the number of sales

At the consultation we go through your individual questions to understand HOW to create and promote your personal brand on Instagram and other channels in order to increase sales through blogging

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You need this if


You already have a product, but no sales


You don't know how to properly package your social media account so that your audience read out your offer right away


You need a personal brand development strategy, positioning and choice of promotion channels


You are scared, ashamed, embarrassed to show your face on social media, even less to sell


You don't know what content to post to boost your reach and gain followers



If you don't have a product yet, but you know your superpower, we can devote a consultation to developing a product line from 0

Analysis and improvement of the product line

Brand design - creating a unique branded visual of social networks

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