Influencer marketing

It is a type of marketing when companies or brands collaborate with opinion leaders on social media to promote their products or services

We select bloggers based on the analysis of your brand, niche and target audience with a high level of engagement of their followers \ \ "Size" of bloggers depends on the capabilities of your business, some Influencers are still willing to reduce the pricing if you offer them your product or service on a grant basis. This way their review on social media will be more honest and natural.

SASSEN Digital Marketing make sure that Influencers are suitable for advertising on all necessary parameters, verify the likes and followers on bloggers' profiles, and ensure that advertising will be effective

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You need this if


You're having trouble reaching a wider audience and gaining followers


You have limited time resources


Your brand / business has a need to make itself known


You need to attract the attention of new potential customers


You want to build audience loyalty through the format of personal recommendations of opinion leaders



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