Targeted advertising FB/Instagram

This is a form of online advertising that uses data to show ads to specific groups of people based on their interests, behavior, and demographics

It allows businesses to reach the right interested audience with the right message at the right time

The feasibility of targeted advertising is discussed during the evaluation call

Targeted ads can reach different goals - brand awareness, traffic increase, lead generation, sales

Different segments of your TA may need to see different ads, but don't worry, we know how to do it

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You need this if


Your business does not bring you the profit you want


You don't have enough clients


You do not have the knowledge and experience necessary to create effective advertising campaigns


You want to grow an audience of target followers aka potential customers


You want your ads to hit the target and be effective



Setting up a chatbot and automating the chain of messages, sending a lead magnet, etc.

Development of a sales funnel, inputs to the funnel, selling content chains

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